In both micro and macro forms, the sounds create an undergrowth where roots, lichens, and mushrooms are soft and lack distinct contours.


The compositional perspective encompasses eyes and hands shaped by cycles of continuous or entirely absent Northern European light.


Skin was nourished by the desire to transform the body into a place of celebration, constantly balancing between belonging and breaking away.


A sound-based philosophy and compositional practice where the concept of noise is expanded daily, performed as a form of political sound.

live set

Ricami* is a live set of electronic music. Duration about 40 minutes.


The set originates from a musical composition for a contemporary dance performance (Sottobosco by Chiara Bersani, 2023), revisited and expanded for a live set.


*“Ricami” is an Italian word meaning embroideries.


Audio extracts


Embroidery creates a space where, through the weaving of sounds and dialogues, the concepts, words, and perceptions that define noise — understood not only as an acoustic phenomenon — are expanded.


How can we discuss noise as a political sound or as a tool for generating diverse listening possibilities?


These and other questions drive the theoretical research underpinning the sound exploration, intertwining compositional and musical elements with social and political issues, creating intricate connections between noise and networks of transfeminist thought.

noise talk 

with listening session

A discussion on noise as a form of political sound, accompanied by a listening session.

Total duration: one hour.


Link to an abstract of the thesis "Ricami, praticare il rumore"* (Lemmo, 2024), which acts as the reference text for the talk.


*embroidery, practicing noise


saudadesaudade is an electronic music duo from Turin (Edoardo Bonavires and Lemmo) that blends different genres and sonic qualities, aiming to create broad yet precise, well-defined soundscapes with blurred outlines, oscillating and juxtaposing experimental electronics with a poetic verbal rewriting.

electronic music duo



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